Grounded Locations

While you might be stuck in this dimension, (yes, probably even on Halloween) you can go to some of the places Mal and his friends went on their adventure to Salem, a real life town in the state of Massachusetts.

The Witch House

The Witch House is Malachi’s first stop in Salem. Alas, there’s no actual witch inside, but maybe you should take a tour and perhaps a closer look into the shadows anyway.  (photo by Rebecca Brooks) 

The Plaque

The meetinghouse may be gone, but you can still see the plaque that was erected in 1992 to honor the victim of the Salem Witch Trials, and remind us that “we must forever confront intolerance and ‘witch hunts’ with integrity, clear vision, and courage.”

The Bewitched Statue

Shaking her hand probably won’t have the same effect as it did for Lilith, but you can visit the statue that marks the portal home. The statue is of the actress Elizabeth Montgomery who played a witch in the 1960s tv show Bewitched.

The Salem Witch’s Dungeon Museum

When Darcy was little someone scared her in the dungeon of this museum and she had to be carried out crying. True story. 

The Witch Dungeon holds recreations of the trial of Sarah Good. Afterwards you can go below to look at recreations of the dungeon, somewhere Mal didn’t even go. The cells were sized based on your ability to pay, so some of the cells are no more than a closet. The conditions were horrendous, and we can be very happy that today this is nothing more than a museum.


First Church in Salem

Even though the church history can be tied back to the congregation Samuel Parris preached to, the current building wasn’t constructed until 1836. Today it is still an active church.

Old Burying Point Cemetery

The cemetery is the oldest in Salem and originally didn’t have a name, documents referred to it just as the burying place. Today it is also called Charter Street Cemetery. If you walk through and look at the gravestones, you’ll find the grave of John Hathorne. Although he’s not named in the Witch’s Dungeon scene where Mal first sees Sarah, Judge Hathorne was the one doing the questioning as he did in real life during the trials. (photo by Jasmine Gordan)