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World Read Aloud Day Double Surprise!

So, I wake up on World Read Aloud Day and feel like death, but I have schools scheduled and it’s going to be an amazing day, so I down the cold medicine and get ready. Ooh, but wait. A very heavy box has arrived. Hmm…I’m not expecting anything? What could it be?

ARCs!!!! I had no idea they were coming but THE AFTERLIFE OF THE PARTY is suddenly here and real and in my hands, just in time to show off to kids around the country. And I do! Because the classes are fantastic. The kids are engaged and I get to read from GROUNDED FOR ALL ETERNITY and it’s the best.

But I also feel the worst. So in between classes I test. And oh wow, that line turned dark real fast. Covid. It got me.

The author with Covid and a beautiful ARC

I’ve been pretty miserable and my brain is mush and the exhaustion is no joke, but I’m still so thrilled that not only did I have a wonderful first World Read Aloud Day, I will soon have two, very real, books out in the world. I’ve wanted that to be true for so long, and I am so thrilled that it is becoming reality.

So, now I need to shake this plague, and keep writing. Because two books? Oh, yeah, that’s great, but I have so many more stories to tell.

My book babies are beautiful together!

Darcy Marks is a lifelong reader who learned to walk quite well with a book in front of her face, thank you very much. She lives in Vermont with her husband, three genre-defying kids, a very needy cat and an extremely friendly former racehorse, where she writes rebellious fantasy books for kids. When she’s not reading or writing she explains math and science to lawyers as a forensic toxicologist and used her several black belts to help found The Safety Team, a non-profit changing the world and smashing the patriarchy one step at a time. She is the author of GROUNDED FOR ALL ETERNITY and other snarky books for kids.