Grounded for All Eternity

Grounded For All Eternity is out in Paperback!

Publishing is such a strange thing. On the one hand it feels like GROUNDED FOR ALL ETERNITY  has been out forever, on the other hand it just released in paperback one day ago. One day! It’s hard to wrap your brain around. You write in isolation, and then you get feedback from beta readers and your agent. You edit, you revise, you submit, you sign a contract and then wait, wait, wait… I’ve written two whole books since GROUNDED came out. One of them, the continuation of Mal’s story, releases next month (in hardcover)! So, hit up your local indie and grab the nice portable size of GROUNDED. Same great hellish story, perfect size to bring to the beach! I’m excited for GROUNDED to find a whole new audience. Thank you to everyone who has read GROUNDED, who has shouted it out and shared it on social media, I truly appreciate it.

Darcy Marks is a lifelong reader who learned to walk quite well with a book in front of her face, thank you very much. She lives in Vermont with her husband, three genre-defying kids, a very needy cat and an extremely friendly former racehorse, where she writes rebellious fantasy books for kids. When she’s not reading or writing she explains math and science to lawyers as a forensic toxicologist and used her several black belts to help found The Safety Team, a non-profit changing the world and smashing the patriarchy one step at a time. She is the author of GROUNDED FOR ALL ETERNITY and other snarky books for kids.