• Grounded for All Eternity,  The Afterlife of the Party

    Release Day! AFTERLIFE is out

    I always underestimate the chaos of release day. Even when you don’t have a launch event planned, and quite honestly I never really fantasized about those when I dreamed of being an author, it’s a day of constant distractions. To be clear, they’re wonderful, amazing distractions as people receive their preorders and bookstores tag you for their New Release Tuesday posts, and your amazing writer friends send congratulations and share all those promo posts you send out into the ether. It’s a wonderful day, and while I started the day intending on getting some work done, who was I kidding? Work wasn’t getting done. But my parents came by and…

  • Grounded for All Eternity

    Grounded For All Eternity is out in Paperback!

    Publishing is such a strange thing. On the one hand it feels like GROUNDED FOR ALL ETERNITY  has been out forever, on the other hand it just released in paperback one day ago. One day! It’s hard to wrap your brain around. You write in isolation, and then you get feedback from beta readers and your agent. You edit, you revise, you submit, you sign a contract and then wait, wait, wait… I’ve written two whole books since GROUNDED came out. One of them, the continuation of Mal’s story, releases next month (in hardcover)! So, hit up your local indie and grab the nice portable size of GROUNDED. Same great…

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    World Read Aloud Day Double Surprise!

    So, I wake up on World Read Aloud Day and feel like death, but I have schools scheduled and it’s going to be an amazing day, so I down the cold medicine and get ready. Ooh, but wait. A very heavy box has arrived. Hmm…I’m not expecting anything? What could it be? ARCs!!!! I had no idea they were coming but THE AFTERLIFE OF THE PARTY is suddenly here and real and in my hands, just in time to show off to kids around the country. And I do! Because the classes are fantastic. The kids are engaged and I get to read from GROUNDED FOR ALL ETERNITY and it’s…

  • Grounded for All Eternity,  The Afterlife of the Party

    New Year, New Book!

    It seems crazy to announce that with the new year I have a new book coming out! THE AFTERLIFE OF THE PARTY is Malachi’s second book and will release on July 18th, 2023, shortly after GROUNDED FOR ALL ETERNITY comes out in paperback on June 13th. I hope you pre-order and continue on with Mal’s story! Debuting is something that I don’t think you can ever really prepare for and 2022 was a crazy year for me because of that. Grounded released five months ago, and with it a rollercoaster of emotions I never expected. Grounded made lists and got great reviews, which was amazing! I got fanmail and fanart…

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    Halloween GIVEAWAY

    It’s October, the leaves are falling, the air is crisp and the horror movies are screaming in the background. What better way to get in the mood for Halloween than to have a giveaway! So ENTER by 10/15/2022 for a chance to win one of three trick-or-treat/shopping totes, signed book plate and other book swag! The Rules:1. Add GROUNDED FOR ALL ETERNITY on Goodreads or share one of these giveaway posts on social media2. Send me a proof of purchase or library request for #GroundedForAllEternity to my email Darcy.Marks@outlook.com3. US entries only (Sorry, guys, international postage is expensive!) Winners will be selected at random!

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    One month out!

    It’s hard to believe GROUNDED FOR ALL ETERNITY has been out for exactly one month today! As a debut I seriously underestimated the chaos and stress of launch month. Even still it has been wonderful. I love people falling in love with my characters, there have been some amazing reviews and I’ve visited some wonderful indie book stores, and most importantly I have made some wonderful author friends. Over the weekend, on a much needed road trip with my youngest, we listened to the audio book narrated by Kevin Free and what an odd experience that was! On the one hand, Kevin is so talented that I could easily fall…

  • Grounded for All Eternity

    A Very Good Shipment!

    It’s always a fabulous day when you have a shipment from your publisher! Yup, that’s right, my author copies came for the final, very real hardcover version of #GroundedForAllEternity, and they are beautiful! Ever since I saw the sketch of Nicholas Kole’s proposed cover for Grounded I have been in love, and on the hardcover with the foil lettering? I mean, GORGEOUS! It’s hard to believe the book I’ve been working on as a word document now exists as a hardcover book that is going to be in bookstores. It’s surreal and I haven’t really had a chance to absorb it while I’ve been finishing edits for book 2, but…

  • Grounded for All Eternity

    Grounded is an Indie Kids’ Next Pick!

    I’m so excited to announce that Grounded For All Eternity has been named an Indie Kids’ Next Pick! This list is based on recommendations from Independent Booksellers and the blurb that accompanies Grounded’s presence on the list makes me so happy! “A rollicking adventure of fallen angel kids experiencing a fall greater torment than the hell they call home — being stuck on earth. Humorous and heartful, with queer representation.”—S. Kitty Garza, Bards Alley, Vienna, VA

  • Grounded for All Eternity

    “Fast Paced and Amusing!”

    Every writer thinks about Kirkus, and if they say they don’t they’re either lying or have a lot more self-restraint than I do. For those that don’t know, Kirkus is a widely respected book review source with a reputation for being objective but perhaps a tad cranky at times. I’ve been wondering for a while if they would review Grounded. When would it happen? And more importantly, would they like it? Well…the review is up and they didn’t hate it! In fact, they liked it! It’s actually quite positive and I am thrilled! (Warning: Book review contains spoilers) “This is an entertaining, high-octane story that moves with the speed of…

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    Summer Lit Camp

    My amazing publicist is setting up events for Grounded For all Eternity, and I’m very excited to announce that I will be part of Lit Camp this summer! I have so many fond memories of summers at my town library. With no school I had nothing but hours of reading to do and I would take out a dozen books a week. I remember a new staff member once try to talk me out of the number of books I was borrowing and the librarian interrupted and said, “Oh no, it’s ok. She’ll go through them.” And I did. Every week. If I had been able to join a summer…